BDO - Planning for January

BDO - Planning for January

(GMT+0000) United Kingdom Time

You will join the training via Zoom. 

Meeting ID and password will be printed in the T&C section of your e-ticket.

Making plans for our ministries, teams and families when everything keeps changing.

Thursday 5th Nov

It's like we're stuck in a never ending game of Jenga. As soon as we build a plan, Boris clumsily pulls out all blocks at the bottom and our colour coded charts come tumbling down. We can't promise to tell you the future, but we can offer the inspiration of experienced practitioners, the encouragement of hearing how God is at work and the fellowship of those who understand.

Big Day Out exists:

to bring together Children's ministry leaders for encouragement

to inspire and train for excellence in Children's ministry

The Big Day Out is a termly day for those involved in leading the Children's ministry in their local Church. Whether you are full time, part time or spare time, we hope the day will encourage and equip you. 

All are welcome.

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